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Whether you are a Recruiter, Employer, Friend or a curious passerby, I am sure you will find something interesting and/or entertaining on my website.


Whether you are a Recruiter, Employer, Friend or a curious passerby, I am sure you will find something interesting and/or entertaining on my website.


GoodDay to you Recruiter!

My goal, via this website, is to provide you with more than enough information, about me, to know if I am a good fit for any requirements you are looking to fill. While this site will continue to grow, and will contain quite a bit of information, you may still have questions for me. Feel free to reach out at any time.

I have included, on this site, a gallery of websites, I have personally built. This gallery does not include any websites built for the enterprises I have worked for, as I am legally unable to share them. I have added below the only public sections of two enterprise level websites I’ve participated in creating features and/or updating.

Capital One's Alert feature (found at the very top of the page when used)
Capital One's Find A Card
Williams-Sonoma’s QUICKLOOK feature

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Hello potential employer!

I have traveled all over the USA working for some pretty amazing companies. I love contracting! However I know, I can’t do it forever. At some point I need to find a place to grow some roots. Hopefully, that is where you come in.

If you are a company, preferably on the East Coast, that cultivates growth and encourages new thoughts and ideas, then I am the employee for you! I am a 20 year IT veteran. I’ve been around since the days when the internet was a message board. When you would dial in to someone else’s computer just to read a text message. Mind you I was just a kid then, a very young kid, but I have been fascinated with the Internet and it’s growth, from its infancy.

If you think you may have a place for me, please take a moment to review my basic credentials by downloading a PDF of my work history and the roles I’ve held, via the link below. If you’re interested in discussing how my skill set could benefit your organization, drop me an email and I will reply with a my full updated resume and contact information.

Download Resume

Namaste, Hello, Greetings and Cheers!

Well, here is the proof that I am actually the Web Developer I swore to you I am.

I can remember, overhearing, a conversation my mom was having with my one of my aunts. "She says she a Web Developer". My aunt responds "But what does she actually do"? My mom "I dont know. She told me, but I still have no idea".

Besides creating a space where potential employers can learn about who I am, I will be adding some cool things for you guys as well. Amungst these cool and interesting things will be the Uber/Lyft Chronicals blog some of you have been encouraging me to create.

Now don't go thinking it will all be available tomorrow! Although at somepoint that statement will one day be true. At any rate, the moment it is complete, I will put a link below just for you!

My Work

Here are some examples of my past work. Unfortunately, I am unable to show the work I've done on the Enterprise Level.


Have a question? Feel free to contact me!


Illinois, USA

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